Nissan Is Testing A Self-Cleaning Car

If you think washing the cars is no less than a botheration Nissan has got the answer for you! Yes, the iconic Nippon automaker is on its way to present the European auto market with a self-cleaning car which might give the car cleaner manufacturers a run for money in near future. As per the recent news reports, Nissan is experimenting with a ground-breaking self-cleaning facility with its Note (European edition) which comes coated with a cutting edge paint termed Ultra-Ever Dry.


The drivers who often taken to trips over muddy roads or are just too busy to clean up the grime build-up from their steam- Nissan’s revolutionary treatment could guarantee a complete end to inconvenient, time-consuming & costly car washes.


Ultra-Ever Dry is an oleophobic and super-hydrophobic paint that tends to repel oil and water, while maintaining an air layer in between the paint & mud, water or road spray. The famous Japanese car maker has confirmed positive results with the paint while pitted against rain splashes, spray, sleet, frost & standing water. The Super hydrophobic treatments increase contact-angle of the water droplets that enables an easy roll down of the liquid rather than staying stuck to the surface.


If water droplet is like some solid ball, imagine contact angle as the space in between the ball bottom & the resting surface. Liquids tend to stay stuck to surfaces if the contact-angle is less but would roll away when there is a high angle. Super hydrophobic surfaces combine 2 properties- less surface energy & super-roughness at microscopic level- to assure high contact angles. The roughness quotient creates minute air pockets which prop the liquid up whilst less surface energy guarantees less amount of free energy for bond creation.

Nissan is on a plan to include this super hydrophobic paint treatment with an estimate cost of nearly 450 pounds.


The famous Nippon car maker has even offered a video demonstration showing trials with the self-cleaning Note. The video has shown how mud and water are getting rolled off the car paint in huge beads. The super hydrophobic paint used by Nissan is developed from a revolutionary technology which is under the patent of an US firm called Ultra-Ever Dry. The paint is being tested on Nissan’s Bedfordshire based technical centre.

The esteemed Japanese car maker has reported that currently it’s not on the plan to apply the super hydrophobic self-clean paint on the production vehicles- but might deploy the technology as aftermarket option.

Dodge reveals new Challenger 2014


2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

Dodge challenger 2014 comes in the range of one of the affordable sports cars. It is a five seater car with the option of rear- wheel driving experience. It has a retro look attached to it. The new challenger has a base model SXT, an SXT plus model, SRT model and the Rallye Redline models. It is a muscle car.

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T

Some of the features of Dodge Challenger 2014 are long base of the wheel, light steering, shock modes in sporty cars are offered and SRT model is equipped with it. Options of paint colors are available in the new Dodge Challenger. The brake ducts are flexible and also has the option of Ram air hood. An option of rearview and airbags on the drivers knee. It supports Bluetooth and has monitors on the blind- spot. One can automatically control the climate. It serves power windows with power driver’s seat, a controlling cruise mode and a computer that can be tripped. The seats are comfortable with soft leather fabric. The front seats can be heated an assisted fog light. The sound system is well furnished with Acoustics from Boston; dongle supports laptops and computer, wireless Wi-Fi system. It has a HD display.



The design of the car is inspired by the war of Spartans and the Greek heroes. The windows are small. The look is narrower but stout. The interiors are spacious but the materials that make up the cabinet do not seem modern. The infotainment is also not updated and complicated.



Performance wise it is good for long drives but will be a little pricey when it comes to mileage as it has a minimal gas mileage. The road presence is good considering it s long wheel base. The steering is light that allows drivers to move the vehicle in a careful manner. The driving is very functional. But the performance differs from one model to another. It is not as heavy as it looks.



Advantages of Dodge Challenger 2014 is that it allows more trunk space, a strengthened V8s which is optional, good interiors and spacious back seats but in terms of its outdated infotainment, weak cabin design, poor mileage and competition from the other cars in the market does not make it a hot deal. The base price starts from $ 26, 495. Consumers would like to purchase a Camaro for its lean look.

2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Review

Aston Martin is synonymous with swanky steams and its all new 2014 Vanquish is no exception to the practice. The stylish make is no less than a treat for the eyes, captivating you with its powerfully aggressive shape & seductive lines. The car is just a delight and here goes a short overview on 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish.


Lightweight car

The 2014 Vanquish is another welcome addition to the contemporary era of the lightweight models. Thanks to the use of carbon fiber in the body panels and car construction, the Vanquish 2014 has not only benefitted with less weight- but a seductive sleek shape as well. Aston martin has armed the Vanquish underlying structure with bonded aluminum and generous carbon fiber leading to a curb weight of around 3,800 pounds.



Engine & performance

The Aston Martin 2014 Vanquish is backed by a 6l front midmounted V12 engine that assures a massive 565 hp & 457 lb-ft of torque. The car comes with automatic 6-speed transmission as well as columned shift paddles. In regards to speed, the car can reach from zero till 60 mph within 4.2 seconds. The Vanquish 2014 assures quite van impressive acceleration.


Safety features

Aston Martin has powered its 2014 Vanquish with a great lot of safety features including carbon-ceramic antilock disc brakes, traction & stability control, thorax & pelvis side seating airbags, side-curtain airbags, rear & front parking sensors & rearview camera.


High performance coupe

The Aston Martin 2014 Vanquish is a double seater high-performance coupe that every car enthusiast would desire to own. The standard features backing the stylish Brit steam include xenon headlights, 20” alloy wheels, accent LED lights, adaptive dampers, power-folding & heated mirrors, remote keyless entry, auto climate control, cruise control, leather upholstery etc. You are also getting heated power-adjustable front seats, backed by memory functions, 6.5” information screen, Garmin navigation support, glass-faced switchgear, mobile Wi-Fi, Bluetooth audio & phone streaming as well as Bang and Olufsen 13-speaker audio system.


Buyers here can opt for different wheel styles & add on exterior carbon-fiber elements, rearview auto-dimming mirror, 2 rear seats, ventilated and heated front seats , faux-suede-trimmed steering, glossy or carbon-fiber interior trim & 6-CD changer.


The famous Brit car maker has launched the steam in a wide assortment of color palette for both the interior & exterior.


Car interior


Aston Martin treats you with quite an inspiring cabin in its Vanquish 2014. You will love the exquisite leather backed interior fine-tuned with delicate stitching. The crystal-trimmed classy key fob is a wonderful beauty. Controls are pretty well-placed in glass-front center stack which utilizes sensors below printed control motifs whilst a haptic feedback subtle system stimulates the button feel & acknowledges commands.

Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

The unveiling of Ford Mustang limited edition of GT 50 comes in two colors Kona Blue and Wimbledon White. The 50th anniversary is a tribute to Mustang’s production of 5 decades. It aims to provide spectacular performance to the consumers. The option for 50th anniversary edition is only two colors with a two different transmission mode- automatic and manual which gives speed of 6. There is no word on the price yet.



The features of Ford Mustang 50th anniversary edition include a power up gradation of the engine. It has a V8 engine with 5.0 liter, torque of 390 and horsepower performance 420. The brakes in the front come up with piston of six and wheels that are coated with alloy of 19 inch. The tires are high performing ones.


It comes in two base convertible models. The driving experience is phenomenal. The engine is super boosted with eco engine. The technology offers sensors that are advanced and better communication system. The convertible takes less time to open than the other models of Ford Mustang.


The design and style of Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary edition is very contemporary, the windows and doors come with neat glass and tail lamps. A very special badge will be added on the seat of the passenger that will be in loving memory of the 50th year’s anniversary edition.



The leather surrounding the seat and arm rest and others are exclusive leather materials. The mats surrounding the floor are also exclusive which is not found in any other variant of Mustang.


The look is very graceful with bright detail on the exterior. The lamps, side glass, head lights are all very exclusive. It has a sleek appeal. It does not however deviate from its traditional look but is fresh and its cockpit gives a full view of the dials and steering wheel.


Though facing in stiff competition is a matter of the future since Ford has always attracted the buyers with its year old reliability, performance and a charming appeal. It has already created a lot of buzz in the market. It is a racing car literally with the drivers going for the burnout.


The secret is that the front brakes are held by electronic lock lines where the drivers usually warm up the tyres. The Ford Mustang is ready for a party down the road but the pricing factor will be a concern. Considering the features and its design with performance there is no loophole on these.

2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S Review

Are you looking for a Jaguar steam lately? Well, the iconic Brit car maker has once again come up with another marvel and this time it’s called 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S. Armed with the promise of soaring performance, this swanky English car assures incredible dynamic capability & control. If you want to know more about the latest Jaguar supercar, the following review would be handy.


Engine & performance

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S is designed with a super powerful 5 l engine V8 supercharged engine which is capable of producing 495hp. Being armed with a huge supercharger, the car delivers an astonishing 460 pound feet of torque from simply 2,500 rpm. Jaguar promises a very progressive and rapid acceleration with the F-Type V8 S as well as immediate & predictable response. The direct spray-guided injection renders accurately fuel quantities directly into combustion chambers ensuring very efficient cleaner combustion.


Then, the famous Brit car maker has armed the 2014 F-Type V8 S with the Intelligent Start/Stop system to ensure improved fuel economy. In regards to fuel economy measures, the car promises 16 mpg for city and 18 mpg for highway.


The car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph within simply 4.2 seconds. The car has an optimum speed of 186 mph.


Active exhaust

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S comes with Sport Active Exhaust facility, accompanied by electronically monitored bypass valves. These valves would open up under some specific throttle & vehicle-speed conditions- enhancing flow & delivering a rich, deep exhaust note.


Electronically controlled Active Differential

The new F-Type V8 S 2014 from Jaguar is armed with electronically controlled Active Differential that not just detects the wheelspin but even proactively predicts the grip levels – on the basis of driver output . The very feature guarantees a stable car by varying power delivery for each wheel.


Sport suspension & adaptive dynamics

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S is designed with cutting edge Adaptive Dynamics. Adaptive Dynamics can be defined as the constantly variable damping facility which actively controls roll rates and pitch as the vehicle maneuvers around the curves. The system is capable of predicting pitch & dive from brake and throttle inputs- and can proactively adjust shock absorbers for preemptive control of body movement.


Super-performance Braking

Jaguar has armed its new 2014 F-Type V8 S with Super-Performance Braking facility that features huge 15” front & 14.8” back disc-brake rotors, along with Black standard calipers.


Dynamic Mode

The Jaguar 2014 F-Type V8 S comes with Dynamic Mode that remaps the vehicle’s software to hone up throttle response, enhance steering weighting & perform quicker gear shifts at superior engine speeds. The engaging system also stiffens suspension & visually escalates the staggering responsiveness with reddish lighting in instrument cluster, door handles & grab handles.

2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus Review

Are you an Audi enthusiast looking for a might model from the famous German auto maker? Well, you would be glad to know that Audi has recently arrived with an all new model for its R8 clan, entitled as 2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus. The car is available in US market now and is the 2nd Plus make from Audi, succeeding the TT-RS Plus that was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2012. The article here presents a concise overview on 2014 R8 V10 Plus.


Lightweight sports car

The latest R8 V10 2014 Plus version from the eminent German automaker is lighter in weight , in comparison to the other previous models from R8 lineup. The new improved sports car is backed by CFRP at almost every aspect of its body including lateral air-inlets, front splitter, the big rear diffuser & lining in engine compartment. This intensive concentration the carbon fiber in the car body has allowed a whopping drop of net weight of the vehicle to a great 3,461 pounds. Audi has supported its latest plus model with carbon-ceramic brakes. According to the famous German auto house, the brakes have contributed a lot to reduce the overall weight of the model. The dual-clutch part of the car weighs 66 pounds less in comparison to the previous manual-automated R8 V10.2014-Audi-R8-V10-Plus-front-three-quarter-1



Engine & performance

The 2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus is engineered with a 5.2 l V-10 engine that is capable of producing 25 hp more than other R8 line of models. While the other Audi R8 models release 525 hp, the latest Plus make assures 550 hp at 8000 rpm.


However, the most novel addition in the R8 Plus is surely its S tronic dual clutch seven speed automatic transmission. The S tronic is used as a welcome replacement for the clunky manual-automated R tronic transmission that you get in the other previous R8 Audi models. Thanks to the “S” addition, the Plus model can assure twitch free upshiftment of the part throttle that in turn ensures a comfortable ride in traffic. S tronic provides launch control facility for optimum acceleration. According to R8 Plus manual, the driver would have to find an empty clear road to use launch control to avoid unwanted attention.




The Audi 2014 V10 R8 Plus can accelerate from 0 -60 mph in say 3.2 seconds. It can cover a quarter-mile in 11.4 secs, at around 126 mph. THE Plus model is certainly speedier over its other R8 predecessors.



The Plus’ vent louvers adjacent to rear window come up with matte black paint and glossy black has been used for the double-round exhaust pipe trim sections. The latest Audi R8 V10 2014 Plus even features edgy LED lights which illuminate up its engine compartment. Then you will get a well-revised grille fixture & rounded exhaust tips which are other upgrades for the 2014 R8 V10 model. In regards to seats you are getting cross-stitched premium cow-hide leather seating arrangements.


The Audi 2014 R8 V10 Plus comes at 182, 595 USD.

2015 McLaren 650S Review

Are you fascinated by sports cars and are aspiring to get a latest model for your garage? Much to the pleasure of sport vehicles enthusiasts like you, the esteemed British automaker McLaren has come up with its 2015 650S model that promises a truly amazing ride. Many who took test driving with the car noted that it took them huge willpower to come out of it. Yes, the 2015 McLaren 650 S is this grand. You must be craving for a review of the car by now- well, here goes a short overview on 2015 McLaren 650 S.


Great styling

McLaren has taken up huge effort to prepare its latest 2015 650 S with magnificent styling. The exterior styling received by the fantastic sport car not only echoes great improvement but it actually embodies the marvelous style which would inspire every car enthusiast to get the 650 S posters. The same skill deployed for Maserati MC12 & Ferrari F430 goes into effect here- presenting the 650 S 2015 with a dramatic design thanks to the P1 nose and 12C GT3 tail. The alphanumeric echoes a strong feel representing 650 metric output & the “S” aptly stands for Sport. The car comes with much refined aerodynamics than is visible in the earlier McLaren models.


Engine & performance

The 2015 McLaren 650 S has been designed with the similar carbon MonoCell which is usual in the P1 & 12C models from the British maker. The car comes with V8 twin-turbo 3.8 l engine as well as 7-speed double clutch transmission. Albeit all the 3 models are powered by the same engine, the latest 650 S delivers 641 hp at 7250 rpm as well as 500 pound feet torque- the additional 49 hp assured by the new model surely leverages it over the predecessors.


The models

The 2015 McLaren 650 S comes in 2 models – Coupe & Spider. The Spider model is heavier to Coupe by 80 pounds.



In regards to speed, the Coupe reaches to 60 within 2.9 seconds & 124 in around 8.4 seconds. The car takes no more than 10.5 seconds to reach across quarter-mile, with an optimum speed of 207 mph. The Spider too takes 2.9 seconds to hit 60 but 2/10ths more time to reach up to 124 mph and 1/10th more to reach quarter-mile. The optimum speed for the Spider model is 3 times lower to the Coupe, amounting to 204 mph.



McLaren 2015 650 S comes with 2 seat options- you can either go for fixed-back racing seats or fully-adjustable buckets. The former one sheds 33 lbs of curb weight & would hold the passenger tighter- this one is more comfortable than the fully-adjustable buckets.



The McLaren 2015 650 S assures quite a versatile performance. Irrespective of terrain or road surface, the latest sports steam from the esteemed British automaker promises a smart drive all through.


The McLaren 2015 650 S Spider has been priced at around 280,225 USD while the Coupe version is relatively cheaper with a price tag of 265,500 USD.


Starting a New Business

There are a number of ways you can make money if you’re really interested. There are some people who go online and do work for others as freelancers and there are others who open up car lots as mechanics to fix cars. You could even start your own business of finding junk cars and hauling them off to the junk yard and getting a few bucks for it. If you do decide to do that, here are some things that you could keep in mind to be able to maximize your profits and increase your income.

Tip #1

You could do a lot of the stripping down yourself. There are a number of very useful parts still in any car that has been junked. Instead of calling the junk car removal company to come haul it away for free, strip the car down yourself and pull out the parts that are salvageable. You can then either sell them separately to used car parts dealer, or you can take photographs of them and sell it on eBay.

Tip #2

You could remove all the metal parts yourself and sell them by weight to a junk metal dealer. You may land up getting more for it because scrap yards pay by the pound. If you are able get higher volumes of steel parts, then you will be able to get a significant side income rather than just calling the junk car removal company.

Tip #3

It is possible to sell the tires separately if they are in good shape. Used tires are usually purchased by tyre shops so that they can be rethread. If the walls of the tires are n good shape, then you will be able to make more from the tires than just selling them off to the junk yard. You will even make more doing this than just calling the junk car removal company.

Tip #4

Once you have stripped down the entire car, including the windshield, the tires, the spare tire, drained the fuel, and the oil. Once you have taken out the batteries (which are also sellable and have value) what is left is the shell of the car. Make sure that you also remove the upholstery and put those on eBay a well. What you are left with is the part of the car the junk yards may take, so you can sell that to he scrap yard by the pound.

Tip #5

Finally, remove the radios, speakers, electronics, lights and signal bulbs. Especially in old cars where there are still a number of models running around and they are not able to find parts, keeping these strip down parts will make you money.

The key to it all lies in two areas. First, remain organized. Catalogue everything so that you know what model number your parts belong to. Second, make sure you photograph everything and know where you place them. The junk car parts business is a secret that not many people know about, but it can be lucrative if you stay organized.

The Newest Cars under $15,000

When buying a new car, some of the factors toconsider include the driving history, fuel consumption, mileage covered, resale value, its safety features, and most importantly,the price tag. This year alone has witnessed a release of flashy automobiles all falling under the $15,000 price range. Here’s some models for your consideration if you are shopping within this budget.

Ford Fiesta 2014 (Estimated $14,100-$14,600)

1 2

Sedan                              Hatchback

This is arguably one of the cheapest cars in the market right now released in two versions; a sedan and a Hatchback model. The sedan takes the lower end of the price competition, complete with a smooth design on the outside and comfortable space on the inside. On the other hand, the hatchback boasts the same spacious and comfortable nature, but it throws in the lightweight advantage of a city car.

Chevrolet Sonic/Spark (Estimated $14,200)

3 4

Spark                                 Sonic

Lightweight seems to be the mantra among automobile manufacturerswith the Spark’s sleek Hatchback design, similar to the Toyota Vitz. Additionally, the Spark has been released in two models; the I4 LS and the I4 LT makes. The former is quite economical at an approximate $12,200 while the latter fetches a rough $13,900 in the current market. The Sonic model on the other hand, is a sedan withgreat, creative design and lots of room.

KIA Soul 2014


KIA Soul

This has to be one of the hippest rides invented under $15,000 this year, going for an approx. $14,900.  It looks something like a Toyota Passo, though on the front you may notice some hints of the Baby Range (Evogue) design. There is actually a comfortable amount of space inside, even though it might not look it on the outside.

If you’re in the market for a new car,there’s no need to fret about the price tag. The most commonly sought after price range is within the $15,000 markor below. Hope this price comparisonwas useful and best of luck in your shopping endeavors.