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The Best Time-Saving Tips for Fleet Managers

Fleet managers have a significant obligation to ensure that operations are smooth and successful. Saving time in a fleet company has a plethora of benefits ranging from improving customer satisfaction to increasing sales. How can managers save time in their companies? Managers who are innovative in their management strategies have many

Driving Home the 2020 Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai as a first row auto making brand since decades have always stricken the right balance, when it comes to performance and ride comfort. It is also a brand that has expertise in almost every vehicle type, including the luxury sedans. But when it is Hyundai, you can expect, the

How to know if your bike suspension needs replacing

Worn Out Shocks- Replacement? The motorcycle suspension is composed of two tubes- telescopic at the front plus a swingarm at the back that is fixed with a single or twin shock absorber. Shock absorbers in a bike offer two main functions. They are, to keep the stability of the bike