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2020 Toyota Camry: An Overview of the Popular Sedan

The newly released 2020 edition of Toyota Camry series is now carrying in them lot more personality than ever before, and the thanks goes to the new TRD version that the automaker has added to its flagship sedan model series.

The 2020 lineup of Toyota Camry is now ranging from offering a mainstream family car to the models that can be best described as the hypermiling commuter. And then there is this newly introduced TRD sports sedan that look simplytrack-tuned. As the McCall Toyota dealer advertised, you don’t return empty handed, if you are exploring the 2020 edition lineup of Toyota Camry, and if you have decidedly turned your back towards the SUV crossover stuff.

The Lengthy Queue of Trims

As said earlier, Toyota has something to offer for every shopper who has hovered around the long queue of Camry trim models. You can start right from the Camry Hybrid version or end with it, as it stands as an independent trim from the rest of the lot that are named as L, LE, XLE, SE, XSE, TRD, and BBQ. Have you lost the count? Even we did.

Power to the Wheels

Power can never be scanty, when the badge of a vehicle reads Toyota. So, the engine power lies at the bottom level with a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine that can thrust upon the road 203 of horsepower, which is carried on to the front wheels by a

To boost up the performance Toyota offers you an optional V-6 engine that can raise the horsepower to 301-hp. The hybrid powertrain on the other hand is able to deliver a performance that is akin to the base version but with a fuel economy that can beat its rivals mercilessly as it counts 50 mpg from a combined drive of city and highway speeds.

Handling is always gentle and agile in every Camry model. Though in the base versions it is only good to drive, as you climb higher the ladder to SE and XSE trims, it becomes no less than thrilling, while the TRD trim honors the badge with its entertaining rides. The only thing the 2020 Camry models can’t give you is the pleasure to drive with all-four-wheelsand you’ll have to manage only with front-wheel drive experiences.

The Look

Being a sedan itself brings the Camry model to have its uniqueness maintained all over its body. Step at any showroom like that of the McCall Toyota dealership and the 2020 Toyota Camry will grab your attention, irrespective of the trim level you get to explore.

Though framed in a conservative design, the Camry models wear the elegance that comes typically with the body type of sedan. But Toyota has no doubt etched it with more artistic touches that makes the Camry models attractive from every angle you look at it.

Inside, you find aneat stretch of space that warmly invites you in to be seated on its comfort zone, that can accommodate five people without a hassle.


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