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Scooty maintenance tips in the winter season

If you are planning on keeping your scooty on the road this winter, then you are going to be on top of your maintenance and cleaning schedule, and also remember to stay warm. The winter doesn’t mean you have to store your scooty away until the brighter months. The scooty

  Snow Tires Also Need To Be Good On Ice

When you drive in winter conditions you will also end up also experiencing icy conditions, as hard packed snow becomes like ice. This is common in crossings where people brake a lot before the crossing and it will become very icy. This is why you really need to keep your

History of Electric Motorcycles

The early history is not clear, although patent applications were submitted in the late 19th century. The first trial was primarily intended for racetrack use, which used storage batteries in the rear wheels. Some of the first tried versions were used until the end of the Second World War, taking