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3 Ways To Make A Cover For Your Vehicle

Being able to preserve the fresh color and condition of your car is something you and nearly every other car owner will appreciate. Car paints will eventually need replacement if proper protective measures are not implemented. With some tricks, however, you can make a DIY protection for your car by fabric waterproofing with a water repellent fabric spray that bonds with the surface of your fabric for a shed. Having a cover on your automobile will increase the overall lifespan of the vehicle and the paint. Aside from getting a well-done paint job, you also need to store your in nice conditions. You could try any of these three ways and make a car cover.

Making car tents: 

A car tent (also called car canopy) is a simple cover designed for a car, but does not usually contact the vehicle’s body. It is kept well clear of the vehicle to allow for movement. You can easily make a car tent with some waterproof fabric, or get one installed for you. Car tents are necessary, especially if you stay in an environment with constant rainfall and or sunshine.

Car covers: 

Car covers are sometimes called tarpaulin even though not all are made from that fabric. Car covers become necessary if you have to leave your car in storage for some time, or you regularly park beneath a tree with birds or sun. You can get covers made with different fabrics, but those made with waterproof fabric are advised. Reason? Simply because it helps keeps water away and leaves the paint fresh for a long time. You can even get stylish covers to suit your taste. 

Car sheds: 

Car sheds are pretty popular, but while the traditional sheds are made from rooting sheets and woods, modern sheds are built with steel poles and waterproof fabric. Depending on your choice, you may decide to install a car shed made with roofing sheets or just some waterproof materials. Whichever you go for, it is important to keep it at an angle where sunlight and rainfall are well kept out. You could also add some side covers to offer sideways protection from the rain.

If you decide to make your own waterproof materials for protecting your cars, get a waterproof paint. Fabric water proofing is quite easy and cheap to do. Luckily, most of the needed materials can easily be purchased from stores around. If you can do this, then waterproofing your own fabric is then the way to go. You would save some money on it.

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