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5 Major Myths and Truths About Armored Car!


With the growth of violence in the world today, the armored car has become synonymous with more security for people. However, some myths have been created about this type of vehicle, which creates disinformation for customers.

Therefore, it is important to ask some questions before making the decision to buy a vehicle and to armor or even change what you already have, implementing the shield. To help you, we have prepared a list of 5 myths and truths about armored cars.  Keep reading!

#1: The shield does not delaminate

Myth. Delamination occurs when there is a physical separation of glass and polycarbonate, but it is not only the glass that suffers from this process. The ballistic blanket can have its layers of fabric separated over time. The problem is that since it is inside the body, it is more difficult to observe the change. It is recommended when there is suspicion, to request the opening of the car to verify it.

One tip of the experts is to observe the odor of the vehicle. If the mold smell persists even after washing, it is a sign that the inner part may have delaminated.

#2: It is possible to arm the tires

Myth. There is no procedure to protect tires from tears or projectiles. The only option is to use a steel strap or special polymers to prevent the popped tire from leaving the wheel. This allows you to walk a long distance until you get out of a situation of risk.

#3: It is more advantageous to buy an already armored car

Myth. The armor warranty is generally five years. Therefore, the interested party should examine this issue before buying a used car: if it has a longer life than the warranty, the need for maintenance may be higher, and many unexpected expenses may occur. Not to mention that the depreciation of an old armor is much greater. It is also essential to make an inspection to see if there are no problems in the internal parts of the body. 

#4: The shielding process is slow

Myth. In general, the process takes about 30 days like it is in many Troy Armoring armored buses. However, this period varies according to the company, since the demand and the number of employees can increase or decrease it. It is recommended that the owner of the vehicle follow the works closely to remove all doubts and make sure that the service will be done in the correct way.

#5: The washing of armored cars is normal

Truth. It is not necessary to change the car washing: the recommendation is to use only water and neutral soap in the glasses, besides being careful not to force them too much and to avoid the thermal shock through the cold water in the heat. The application of chemicals or excessive force in the sanitization can wear off the support mechanism. Also, remember to raise the windows when closing the doors and avoid walking with them open.


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