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All You Need to Know About Brake Pads!

Brake pads are an important part of your vehicle that requires proper maintenance and care. While brake pads have a limited life, there are numerous ways you can extend the life of your brake pads. Today, there are different types of brake pads available on the market that you can select on the basis of your own preference as well as the configuration of your vehicle.

Below, you will find some of the most popular types of brake pads.


  • Semi-Metallic Brake Pads


Semi metallic brake pads are being widely used in different types of vehicles. They’re made up of steel wire, copper or graphite with different friction modifiers. Semi metallic brake pads are popular because of their durability and excellent heat transfer capacity. The major drawback of such type of brake pads is they are quite noisy and generally underperforms at low temperature. Also, they tend to wear down rotors fast.  


  • Non-Asbestos Organic


These brake pads are created from fiber, high-temperature resins and different fillers. The good thing about Non asbestos organic brake pads is that they produce less noise than semi-metallic brake pads. But, they create more dust and also wears faster.


  • Low Metallic NAO


Low Metallic NAO are made up of organic materials with up to 30% metal. These brake pads are quite noisy and also produce dust, but they’re by far one of the best choices in terms of functionality and performance.


  • Ceramic


Ceramic brake pads are getting immense popularity these days. They’re generally contrived from ceramic fibers, binders and fillers. They produce less noise and are also durable. The only disadvantage is that they’re quite pricey and considering the fact that you have to replace your brake pads sooner or later no matter how good quality they are, many car owners avoid installing them into their vehicles.

At this stage, you must have clear understanding about different types of brake pads and their features and must be wondering how you can choose the best brake pads for your car.

How to Select the Best Brake Pads for Your Car?

With a huge variety of brake pad types depicting slight changes in price and functionality, it’s not easy to make a buying decision. The best way to choose the right brake pads for your car is on the basis of the type of vehicle you own.  Also, the type of roads you drive on can help you make a more informed decision. For instance, heavy vehicles may require brake pads consisting a significant amount of metal in order to get sufficient power while braking. Similarly, organic brake pads are ideal for the smooth functionality and working of smaller and compact vehicles. 

According to brakepad and brakedisc manufacturers, low-quality and cheap brake pads won’t assure high-performance if your car carries a huge load. Similarly, if you drive your car on mountainous regions, you’ll need upgraded, high-quality brake pads to achieve optimum performance. 

Which brake pads do you think can best fit your vehicle? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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