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Don Forman Nissan Puts Philanthropic Efforts Into Top Gear


The owner of Tustin Nissan in California and United Nissan in Las Vegas is Don Forman. He believes firmly in giving back to his community. His philanthropic efforts cover everything from donating money and needed goods to opening up the dealership in times of need, acting as a solid base for the community.

As a whole, Nissan North America very much operates under the belief that the company has a large role to play in society and should make a positive contribution. It holds the vision of “Enriching people’s lives” and has various grant schemes and other charitable contribution initiatives set up.

How Don Forman gives back to his community

Don Forman Nissan has been involved in countless good deeds and gestures across the nation. As a leader in the automotive industry, it makes sense that much of the good work centers around transportation support because that’s what they know.

A great example of this was seen when he gave free automobiles to a team of girls so they could commute to and from their college after he found out they couldn’t afford to buy cars. He is often helping kids and seems to hold education and youth as a top priority. By helping the youngsters of today, it is arguably supporting a better future for everyone.

It’s not just car-related donations and philanthropic work that Don Forman Nissan is involved with, though. As a successful business, it also uses its vast resources to contribute to local food and blood drives and support humanitarian assistance programs.

Another prime example of Don Forman’s generosity and compassion was displayed when the 2017 shooting happened in Las Vegas. Don Forman Nissan workers stopped everything they were doing to help transport victims and their families to the hospitals in the wake of the tragedy.

Most of these events go by largely unnoticed because Don Forman is undeniably humble and just starts helping wherever he sees that he’s needed. As a result, not many people realize that he’s one of the driving forces behind the Surprise Squad.

Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad

The Fox5 Surprise Squad is famous for helping people in need and capturing these moments on camera, which leads to emotional and uplifting videos. Don Forman Nissan is actually one of the sponsors, along with others such as Vons.

There are hundreds of videos online that share these beautiful moments. One moving story involved another generous soul, Glen Zani, who went on a mission to construct and erect crosses at sites where people had lost their lives, such as the venue where the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting took place. Don Forman and the Fox5 Surprise Squad gave Glen money and equipment to accomplish his thoughtful dream.

As one of the leading philanthropic figures of Nissan North America, Don Forman is not only an asset to the company but also to his wider community. It shows that businesses like Don Forman Nissan can be successful and still dedicate time and make significant financial contributions to those in need.


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