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Greater Details For the best of Motorcycle Options Now

Not easy to navigate the maze of models and budgets. We clear all that for you by taking a small tour points to watch for the right choice.

Tell Me How You Ride

We will tell you which boots to choose. A first selection criterion, the main one is your bike practice. A rider who uses his machine to go to work does not need the same motorcycle boots as the tracker who only puts them on the track. Start by defining your needs: weather, protection, comfort, etc. then refer to the section dedicated to the different types of products available on the market.

Style, The Criterion Of Choice

You have identified your use? Of course, at the time of choice, aesthetics plays a big role. Let your guts speak: “the wow effect” is often the best advice. If you cannot find a shoe on your feet (easy, that one), maybe you can go for a hybrid model, for example one of the few pairs of sports boots equipped with a rain-proof membrane rather than standard touring boots. You will find your happiness in the wide range available in our catalog.

Protection: Do Not Skimp

Part of this guide buying motocycle boots is specifically dedicated to protection, and for good reason. When you think about it, the safety of your feet remains the main reason for this equipment, as beautiful and technological as it is. The elements of protection are not always apparent, but in any case, their presence is indispensable. The more the boot that sells you the dream has reinforcements (malleolus, shins, toes, heels, etc.), the more it will play its role effectively in case of the bowl. Comfort loses a little, but still be uncompromising. You will not regret it.

The Budget, Depending On The Use

The nerve of war, we come to it. In this matter everything is a matter of dosage if you plan to ride once from time to time, prefer equipment with a limited budget. Conversely, do not hesitate to invest in a pair of serious motorcycle boots if you ride every day, regardless of the weather. Quality on so-called “entry-level” products in recent years. Be frankly disappointed.

Nothing to do, your wallet goes on strike of the € 50 bills? Wait for the right one Opportunity (promo, end of stock), and in the worst case, wait until the next sales.

What Size For My Motorcycle Boots?

The question often comes up: “should I choose the same size for my motorcycle boots as for my City shoes? “The answer is yes. Except special case some manufacturers are known for the offset of their size compared to standard sizes if you put on 42, Opt for size 42 motorcycle boots. And in case of doubt, take a look at Customer reviews will save you the day.

Reviews: A Handy Tool

Except for a novelty just landed in our stocks, the opinions produced are a very interesting source of additional information. When you look at the record of a pair of boots that boot you (promised, it’s the last one), scrub a little further down the page and before your amazed eyes appear the customer reviews. Specifically, this section focuses the impressions of the bikers who ordered these boots from us before you. It is often question of correspondence of sizes, comfort, sealing. A real mine Information to use without counting to make the good choice.

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