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How Advanced an EV is the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt 

Who won’t love to own a car that runs silently without stopping at the pump station adding more figures to the miles to its range in a single charge? Well, that’s exactly how Chevrolet has advanced it’s all electric Bolt series, this year. The year 2020 has brought some of the best possible upgrades to push the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV ahead in its segment.

The 2020 version of this electric hatchback now has reached the top of its own range, which is reason enough to make the Chevrolet EV almost an irresistible car to own, especially for the urban crowd who are struggling hard to inhale some fresh air in the vehicle infested towns.

The Most Needed Boost for 2020

According to the sales experts of the Jacksonville Chevy dealership showroom, the market demand for the segment of affordable electric vehicles is increasing every year. Realizing this fact, Chevrolet decided to make the most of this trend and present its most popular EV series with the longest-possible range, while keeping its price range affordable. Needless to say, that it was the most needed boost for an already desirable EV like the Chevrolet Bolt.  In this the most surprising fact is that, Chevrolet has boosted the battery capacity in the 2020 Bolt series without making any physical change to its overall structure. The more capable battery pack has been well-integrated into the existing structure of the vehicle. Other changes include the installation of a generous 10.2-inch screen for its infotainment system, which is also a great contributor for its increased value and thus popularity.

Battery Pack Details

The 2020 version of the Bolt EV now gets a 10-percent of boost in its battery capacity with which it can now score an EPA-rated 259 miles in a single charge, while its motor is able to blow 200-hp, when driven with the front-wheels.

Modern Looks

The 2020 Bolt EV looks attractive with its tall hatchback structure from the outside. It carves out a reliable personality from its boxy little shape that assures you of its ability as a utility vehicle both for hauling people and their stuff while maintaining a friendly relationship with the atmosphere.

Increased Utility Aspects

The 2020 Bolt EV is able to fit in four adults or even five without a pinch. Behind its second row of seats, lies a 17 cubic feet of space to load a considerable bulk of cargo. To increase that measure you can tumble down the second row and can get as much space as any compact crossover SUV could have offered.

Features for Safety

The sales staff of the Chevrolet dealers near Jacksonville proudly advertise the safety ratings of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt that obviously has something to boast about. Its list of standard and active-safety features includes features like active lane control, forward-collision warnings that works in tune with automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams and more. For 2020, the Chevrolet series includes a surround-view camera system and rear camera mirror on its Premier trim models.

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