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How far TSLA stock price can go in one year

Tesla is committed to producing cars in the future. In the past, the company has successfully built many great cars. All these models are equipped with permanent electronic all-wheel drive. Tesla has compared fuel consumption with conventional cars. Costing,000 650 to 700 700 for a 15,000-mile ride The sedan has several key features such as maximum safety in the premium SUV section and an interior that can seat up to 7 people despite having two luggage bogies.

It takes up less space than conventional motors and uses electric motors with more space for passengers and luggage, providing optimal internal range and protection. The electric motor and battery are at the bottom of the cabin. It offers protection features, lower centre of gravity and better handling. Model X has good outdoor protection with multiple sensors and radar, which monitors a lot of information. Perhaps 2021 will see the next version of several cars based on a completely new platform.

The range of future models will also be updated. Tesla has registered a new system that can travel up to 400 miles on a single charge, competing in the same conditions as a traditional luxury car. On the occasion of the October 2015 update, the car got a self-pilot function, i. I. Ability to drive alone. Panasonic is the only battery supplier since 2010. The partnership between the two companies in 2011 gave birth to a new generation of batteries. This patented battery system combines metallic air with conventional lithium-ion batteries, the former being used as a generator and the latter as a hybrid car that uses conventional gasoline engines to charge batteries.

What do market researchers think?

Locking up the cost structure is one of the most expensive activities for companies like Tesla Motors, research and development. In Tesla, the cost of research and development is very important for the final price of the paid products. The Model S, for example, sells at a loss of about 4 4,000 per vehicle. Although the company received a margin on car sales at the end of the year, research and development costs still account for a large portion of the final price. These costs increased to 179 million, especially when the Model X was transformed from a paper design into an original car in the last two years. This trend is expected to intensify with the introduction of Model 3 and other forecasting models. Because of this, we expect TSLA stock to hit 500 levels in 2021. You can get more useful information from TSLA news.

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