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How Honda Ensures a Smooth Servicing Experience

When it is time to service your Honda car, you can rely upon the service center run by the same dealership from where you purchased your car. These service centers are in fact outlets of the Honda brand itself, because of which they have to follow a standard set of rules and regulations to ensure, no customer returns from their service centers with an unhappy face.

Take the example of the Petaluma Honda service center near our locality where we always take our Tiguan model for maintenance and servicing. It is not only because it is near to us that we visit there in every opportunity, but mainly because we really don’t feel the pinch of boredom and exhaustion that is usually related to the car maintenance and repair work.

Here we will take pleasure to share with you our experience about how each and every service stations of Honda ensures a smooth and breezy experience when you need to repair and maintain your vehicle.

Pickup Facility

If you aren’t able to take your car to any service station of Honda because it has just stopped working, do not worry. Just a phone call will ensure your car is picked up from your home or office at the earliest by the reliable staff of the Honda service center. But they will surely urge you to visit their service center to receive your repaired car because they want you to be sure, that the work is satisfactorily done.

For this you need to take a test drive along with an experienced mechanic, and that too in a location where there’s no scope of accidents caused due to any system failure.

Strictly Follow the Recommended Specifications

We all know by now, that maintaining a car needs maintenance that must be done by following the specifications recommended by the manufacturer through the user’s manual. In many cases, the private garages offering auto repair might show reluctance or negligence to the specifications given in the manual. But in a Honda service center, these specifications and instructions by the manufacturer will be strictly followed without fail. So you can rest assure that nothing wrong will happen to your car systems because of a wrong oil type, or a different part that has replaced the original.

Original and Certified Parts Used

When it is time to replace one or more items in your car to be replaced by new, you can be sure that in every Honda service center the new parts will be either the original parts of Honda itself, or will be a certified one, in case the OEM part isn’t available in the market for some reason.

Certified Mechanics

Finally, it is on the hands of the mechanics, that you leave your precious asset for a repair. If they aren’t trained well or aren’t certified by an authentic organization, you are basically not only risking your money, but also your life, if the repair is about any vitalpart like the brake or engine. But when it is a place like the Honda service near Petaluma, your car will be in safe hands, since Honda will always appoint only their own certified and trained mechanics at every service station they have in any corner of the world.

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