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How To Decide The Type Of Car You Should Rent In Montreal

Are you planning for a trip to Montreal or somewhere else in Canada? You can rent a car for a few days to avoid the hassles of waiting for the tour company’s vehicle to arrive at your doorstep every morning. However, quite some steps go into renting a car in Canada, and you’ve to make sure that all the documentation and insurance requirements are met before you start driving that vehicle on Canadian roads. 

This apart, you should rent a car depending on your trip requirements and make the right choice to avoid problems later. To that end, the following tips will help you choose the right car for your trip. 

Off-road adventure trips 

If you wish to take the car off-road for an adventure trip along the Northern Gravel Highway or any other backcountry unpaved roads, you should rent a 4WD SUV to ensure maximum safety. These cars are tough, capable of taking the strain and incredibly powerful, giving you the adventure you seek. However, read the Canadian terms and conditions of driving a rented car off the road before you take your place behind the wheel. 

Regular commuting

If you’re not looking for a fancy car to commute from one place to another, you should rent a cheaper, compact vehicle that won’t exceed your budget. A Hyundai-Accent, Toyota-Yaris or a Chevrolet-Sonic will do just right, especially if you don’t have much luggage with you. 

Creating an impression

If you need a car to join an important client meet or attend a seminar, go for a full-size, stylish vehicle like a Nissan-Altima, or a Volvo S60 to impress your clients and business associates. Get in touch with a reliable agency like Location Decarie car rentals that can spoil you with choices. Renting a special car for an event is one of the primary requirements of creating a long-lasting impression, and you shouldn’t let go of the chance.

Sightseeing around Canada

Wondering what car to rent for visiting the National Parks and exploring other tourist hot spots in Canada? If you need to accommodate more than 3 people in the car, it’s best to opt for spacious vehicles like the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Ford Explorer. However, if you are a lesser number of people, a Honda Accord will suit you just fine.

Wrapping it up

No matter what car you rent in Montreal, it should meet your preferences for the trip. You can seek help from the car rental agency itself, in case you get confused while choosing the right car. Take your time, do your research and reach a decision after carefully analyzing your options. 


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