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How to know if your bike suspension needs replacing

Worn Out Shocks- Replacement?

The motorcycle suspension is composed of two tubes- telescopic at the front plus a swingarm at the back that is fixed with a single or twin shock absorber. Shock absorbers in a bike offer two main functions. They are, to keep the stability of the bike when braking and to ensure the rider is comfortable on uneven surface or bumps.
In any case, your bike does not fulfil these two aims; then it is probably time you replaced its suspension. In this article, you are going to learn the signs and signals that indicate your shock absorbers require replacement.

How to Establish Your Shock Absorber is Worn Out

  • Does the Bike Slide? If your motorbike slides and skids off the road more often then you need to look for a motorcycle accessories UK. Your suspension could be possibly worn out and need some replacement. Here you will get professional assistance and advice on what to do best.
    • Unusual noises. It is usually a signal that the shock absorbers need to be worked on even for cars. You will hear some sounds from below at the rear or front shocks. If the shocks are worn out, then some metals will come into contact producing the unusual noises.
    • The push-release technique. It is a handy way of determining the extent of the suspension ability to sustain pressure. It requires you to have a partner who will hold the bike in a vertical position. Push the middle of the seat and then release it immediately. If the shocks are correctly working and not peaky, then the bike should go back to its relaxed position smooth and quick. There should be no bouncing as this will mean the shocks need replacement.
    • There is also a norm that after your bike has travelled for about 25,000 miles, then it is advisable you visit a motorcycle accessories UK. The suspensions tend to have been blanched after supporting the motorcycle for those miles. If you are always riding on rough roads and uneven surfaces, then the miles traversed should be even shorter for you to have the shocks checked.
    • When the backside of your bike looks tired and has sunken in. If your bike looks like dropped shoulders at the back, then it’s time to get new shock absorbers. The suspension is no longer able to support the motorcycle. Such suspension will make it less comfortable when riding on potholes. You will feel all the bumping from the uneven road surface.
    • Oily suspensions. Be on the lookout at all times to see whether your suspensions have oil on them. A greasy look means that there is leaking fluid, and there are chances they will not perform properly because of that.


When you need to do a shock absorber replacement, then you could consider doing it in pairs. It is to avoid any uneven balancing of the suspensions as one side is brand new while the shock absorber on the other side is a bit old. Visit motorcycle accessories UK for the best deals of brand-new suspensions for your motorbike.

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