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How to lower your carbon footprint as you drive your car

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Most owners of electric or hybrid cars are trying to find ways to lower our carbon footprint in our lives and with the choices that we make. This is one of the reasons why many have opted to install solar panels on their houses, but also buy and drive an electric car or hybrid. This helps a lot to reduce the footprint. The hybrids have the advantage that they can rely on diesel or petrol when needed and then switch over to electrical power when possible, this helps when you need to cover long distances and were you can’t rely on electric charging along the way in a smooth way.

To ensure that you limit your footprint while driving you also have to consider the impact of the tyres and your driving style. Things like low rolling resistance plays a role to reduce energy needed for each trip thereby extending the distance an electrical car can travel on each charge. This was initially developed to make the electric cars get further, but also for cars with combustion engines it makes them more fuel-efficient. There are also differences in the tyre companies in how they manufacture their tyres. Companies like Nokian Tyres have set forth many environmentally friendly solutions in their tyre manufacturing. 

Nokian Tyres takes pride in using only purified oils in their tyre manufacturing and they have completely eliminated harmful oils in their tyre manufacturing, never using any toxic or carcinogenic chemicals. They follow strict targets to lower their greenhouse gas and are the first company to receive ISO 14001 environmental certification. All this to ensure that they take an active role in minimizing their footprint and help the drivers that use their tyres to do the same.

 When choosing summer tyres or winter tyres for a hybrid or electrical car it’s important to keep in mind the difference between these cars and traditional cars. The electric and hybrid cars have a lot of heavy battery packs which make them heavier than traditional cars. This means that grip is even more important to allow proper braking. So, when you select summer, winter or all-weather tyres, make sure that they have low rolling resistance and that they are manufactured with the environment in mind.

There are also changes that we as drivers can do to have a positively impact our planet. Simple things like keeping the tyres properly inflated. The reason for this is that properly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance. As the cars fuel is used to provide energy to propel the tyres along the road, also known as rolling resistance. Switching to a smooth driving style, as that consumes less energy than a very aggressive one.

Buying an electric car or a hybrid one is obviously an important step towards lowering the carbon footprint and saving the planet. However, make sure that also the tyres are produced in line with these ideals. If you care about the environment, make low rolling resistance a high priority next time you choose a tyres.

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