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How to Take Care of Your Tyres

Tyres should never be taken for granted. They are your only connection to the road. A well taken care of set of tyres can be the different between you making that important appointment on time or not. It can be the difference between staying safe or getting into an accident.

The fact is that Diamonds are forever, tyres, however, are not. To make your tyres last as long as they possibly can, you should take care of them. If you take care of your tyres they can serve you well for 6, 7 or even 10 years depending on your driving habits and style too. Here are some tips below to help you take good care of your tyre.

Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

This is almost like a staple when it comes to tyre health; this is to show you that this particular tip is very important. Underinflated tyres will cost you to use more fuel; overinflated tyres on the other hand can cause you to have a tyre blowout. At least once a month make sure you check your tyre pressure.  If you travel long distances of carry heavy load, then you might even have to do this more frequently. Like twice a month or there about.

You can buy a pressure gauge so that you can do this yourself at home. Then of course with a home compressor, you can top up the pressure if it is low. Usually tyres lose like 1 psi every month. However, if the drop in pressure is really much, then you’d have to visit your local tyres shop in Dubai. It could mean a tear, a faulty valve or something else.

Check Your Alignments and Suspension

You should check your wheel alignment like every six months or after every oil change. If you notice uneven wear across a single tyre, or spots on a single tyre that seem to be bad, then your alignment or suspension might need checking here.

Your tyres will not wear out at the same time, but if tyres on one side seem to be wearing it way faster than the other side, you car might need to be aligned.

Rotate Your Tyres

It might be a hassle, and you might not see the need, but this simple technique will help your tyres last longer. The front tyres do more work, that’s where the engine is, therefore it most of the time is always carrying heavier loads than the back tyres. To ensure that your tyre wears out evenly and more slowly, you should always rotate the tyres.

There are different rotating techniques depending on the type vehicle you use. Vehicles where the back axle is bigger than the front axle will require a different technique than those cars where both front and back tyres are the same size. It’s not difficult rotating tyres, however, it’s best left to the professionals. You should rotate your tyres like after every 2nd oil change, or once in 6 months. This is like somewhere between 10,000 – 12,000km.  Visit a tyres shop in Dubai and have it done for you.

Check your Tyre Tread

A lot of information about your car can be gotten from the tyres, by just looking at the wear and tear pattern. Different wear pattern show different issues, having a tyre professional look at your tyres, every once in a while can help you detect big problems before they actually become big.

Buy Good Tyres

This perhaps should be the first step. Buying bad tyres will give you too much hassle, as they won’t last long enough, no matter what you do. Bridgestone tyre is one of the best selling tyre in dubai and for good reason. It is very reliable. It has been rated the most trusted tyre in Australia for 6 years consecutively. So, with Bridgestone tyres, whatever amount of care you put into your tyres will yield your benefits.


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