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Is BMW TwinPower Turbo oil synthetic?

Engine oils come in different forms and structures. Some of them could be Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic, and conventional oils. These vary according to their characteristics, applications, traits, and additive features. Here, we are going to talk about Synthetic oils and especially one of its refined form, BMW TwinPower Turbo synthetic oil.

Synthetic oils are a specific type of lubricant that is made with chemicals being artificially prepared or man-made structure. These factory-produced engine oils show specific characters, specific properties, and specific applications. These are manufactured with chemically modified petroleum components rather than basic crude oil. These could also be prepared from other raw materials excluding crude oil, but in their formation, the crude factor is mandatory.

These implications put forward a thought that these engine oils could be improved and purified to meet the quality standards and abide by the formation principles of the engine oils. Synthetic oils are better for your engine and possess fewer impurities, therefore, they sustain for longer than conventional oils or other types of oils. Synthetic oil change intervals will range from 10,000-15,000 miles or once a year.
BMW TwinPower Turbo oil is fully synthetic oil because it is based on chemicals that are extracted while processing of crude oil. Generally, a crude based synthetic oil is considered best for your engine.

Latest technology

But with the latest technology and extraction techniques, today the demands are more formal, more formation oriented, and characteristic-rich so that it puts a strong resistance against sludge, wear and tear, friction circumstances, as well as, prevention from knocking. BMW TwinPower Turbo oil with synthetic guarantee addresses all concerns of composition, latest technology utilization, and quality meeting mechanism.

BMW TwinPower Turbo oil comes up with high-temperature protection that is guaranteed by its pure formation, cold weather quick start characteristic, giving it an edge over its competitors, improvised performance, enhanced wear protection, ideal for luxury vehicles, high-performance vehicles, and turbo engines, and not only meets but exceeds all requirements of ACEA A3/B3 for maximum gasoline and diesel passenger car protection.

Benefits of BMW TwinPower lubricants

BMW TwinPower Turbo oil comes up with a large viscosity range and made with the promise of giving you the extra strength, durability, and protection what your engine requires. It is built to keep critical parts of your engine lubricated, cleaned, and protect them from corrosion and deposits. This way, it increases the lifespan of the engine and makes your drive energized.

With all this, it delivers a consistent performance that maintains better comparison with conventional oils and result in reduced friction and less evaporation of your synthetic oil. This, as a result, lowers the oil consumption of your engine and reduce the costs of frequent oil changes. With these qualities, it became suitable for all BMW petrol engines and diesel engines.

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