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Needs the broken car to be towed

Most of the people have faced this situation in their life once that their car got breakdown at such a place that there is no mechanic available or most people have this situation where their vehicle or car got breakdown in night, and they have to push it to their home or have left the car at the same place. And in the morning returned with some mechanic to repair the car and then finally move the car. And that often happened because the mechanic shops are not opened at night and can’t be found at every place. 

That is why these towing service companies are there to help for towing broken car [ลากรถเสีย, which is the term in Thai] even in an outskirt area or in the night. But there is a condition apply these companies also have a limit like their area is decided and after that, they don’t provide their facility. But in general the areas of these towing service companies are bigger so, the person doesn’t need to worry about the area.

Not always needed a towing truck to do the work

It is not necessary that whenever there is a vehicle, it can only be towed by towing truck. This is completely wrong, suppose a car got breakdown but can at least move a little then in that case a Slide-on car [รถสไลด์ออน, which is the term in Thai] will be the best option.

Just put the car on the slide and ready to go because not every time the car is completely crashed and can’t even move an inch. Then in such cases towing car becomes necessary, but if the car got malfunctioned and can move a little then slide-on car it perfect for towing the vehicle.

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