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Scooty maintenance tips in the winter season

If you are planning on keeping your scooty on the road this winter, then you are going to be on top of your maintenance and cleaning schedule, and also remember to stay warm. The winter doesn’t mean you have to store your scooty away until the brighter months. The scooty for short ladies is the best option and it is easy to maintain. By following these simple tips, you can ride your scooty throughout the season.

Battery maintenance

The battery does not like extreme temperatures, and they do not like sitting unused. If you know that your scooty is going to stand, then the battery should be kept in a warm place, ideally on the trickle charger. A good trickle charger does all of this work for you by topping off the charger whenever it senses the battery level has dipped. If your scooty is going to stand outside, then bring the battery in with you. The battery sitting indoors has a chance of survival than one left outside. You should not leave the battery on a charge indoors. The charging lead-acid batteries are needed to be in a well-ventilated area.

Check the tyres

The top 5 scooty in India has good quality tyres for smooth riding. In winter months, the pressure can drop by as much as 2psi for every 10degree celsius drop in temperature, so you need to check this before heading out.


Always store your mobility scooty undercover when not in use. If you can leave it in a heated area such as your garage or home, this is the most ideal solution. If this is not possible then invest in waterproof mobility scooty cover and keep it as sheltered as you can. Your control panel contains an electrical component so keeping this safe for winter extremities is important. You can purchase the control panel cover to ensure it is protected from the rain when you are travelling.

Fuel care

Fill the tank and add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizers. A full gas tank doesn’t leave as much room for condensation to build up, then the stabilizer will handle any that does. Run your scooty for a few minutes to make sure that the treated gasoline makes this way into your carburettor nozzles. The fuel stabilizers are meant to prevent a varnish build up and deal with moisture.

Keep your scooty clean

Cleaning your scooty after a chilly winter’s ride might seem like a lot of effort, but it is the key to keeping your scooty rust-free and it is the best.

Install hand-warmer grips

Winter riding can be extremely tough on your hands, even if you have performance gloves. These handy inserts can be fitted to a standard grip, and they warm your hands with the power from the battery. Keep them switched off until the engine is idling on a chill morning. Otherwise, it will put a lot of strain on the battery.

Final thoughts

These are certain things to keep in mind that scooty maintenance in winter seasons. Wear warm, waterproof clothing. Keeping warm and dry will help to keep you more focused on riding and the conditions around you.

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