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Technologies Used in Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense often referred as TSS is the name given to the bundle of active safety features that are set as standard on most of the latest Toyota vehicles. These safety features are now leading the industry of automobile in attaining better vehicle and road safety. They are embodiments of the innovative thought process that Toyota as a renowned automotive brand nurtures under their factory shade. The latest technologies that comprise the Toyota Safety Sense are designed in particular to help protect the car users as well as other road occupants from the probabilities of a collision, run over and any other type of accident.

As explained by an auto expert of the Toyota dealer Meridian the aim of Toyota Safety Sense is clear. It is to make overall transportation safer for the people in and out of any Toyota vehicle. So, it is not only the Toyota driver and passengers who are saved by the Toyota Safety Sense, but also everyone around the Toyota vehicles that are equipped with this following bundle of safety features:

How Toyota Safety Sense Works

To understand how the Toyota Safety Sense works, we must start with the logical thinking it executes. The Toyota Safety Sense works by maximizing the alertness of the driver by sending him every possible information on the current road, traffic and other situations like pedestrian, animals, obstacles, and the like, so that the driver can take immediate action to avoid any untoward incidence.

Pre-Collision Alert System

This alert system is based on an integration of several cameras and radars that help identify any pedestrian coming in near vicinity of the Toyota vehicle. So the system works in tune with a Pedestrian Detection system as well.

Radar Cruise Control

This cruise control system makes use of a radar fixed behind the Toyota badge. It also uses the camera that is placed on the windshield to adjust the driving speed of the vehicle, depending upon the road situation lying ahead. It’s main objective is to help maintain the vehicle follow a preset distance specifically from the car that is driving front of the said Toyota vehicle. In some higher end Toyota models this feature is enabled with a Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

Lane Tracing Assist

If your Toyota model is equipped with the Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) then you will be able to see the lane markers more prominently. The Lane Tracing Assist system in those vehicles will make use of these lines marked on the road and help the driver place the vehicle in perfect coordination with the preceding vehicles and also to stay centered within its lane.

Road Sign Assist

The Road Sign Assist works with the help of an intelligent forward-facing camera, to detect the road signs denoting the desired speed limit, signs that ask you to stop, and signs that prohibits you to enter at some designated places.

According to the Meridian Toyota dealer, any Toyota vehicle that comes equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense is a more trusted vehicle now, as it minimizes the risk of road accidents to a significant level.

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