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The Best Time-Saving Tips for Fleet Managers

Fleet managers have a significant obligation to ensure that operations are smooth and successful. Saving time in a fleet company has a plethora of benefits ranging from improving customer satisfaction to increasing sales. How can managers save time in their companies?

Managers who are innovative in their management strategies have many options to save time in their operations. For the sake of new fleet managers and those who are yet to tap all the possible time-saving strategies, here are the best tips to consider.

Have a Schedule

The first thing to do is to make sure that every operation is guided by a logical schedule. Vehicles should only be on the road when they are needed. This requires a well-planned timetable of operations. All employees should understand the departure and arrival times and learn the importance of following this plan. Therefore, all fleet companies that deal with deliveries should slot them into the schedule so that the driver will be prepared.

Use Technology

Technology can really save time. When applied in fleet companies, it makes operations easy and smooth. The Eyerideonline experts recommend the use of login and logout software for drivers. They should also make their reports using the provided software on their tablets and smartphones. Other technologies that save time for managers include the use of GPS to monitor the vehicles, dashboard and cabin cameras.

Monitor and Navigate Through Traffic

We have already seen that the use of technology is very important in saving time in a fleet company. Another tip to save time for managers is to come up with a way to monitor the traffic and guide the drivers in how to go through it. There are devices that can monitor this at any time and in any place.

Drones are now used to hover in the air and identify roads without heavy traffic. It is important to note that a license is required to operate them. Navigation technology can provide alerts on the status of traffic on various roads and broadcast this on a dashboard. From this, managers can guide drivers on how to save time.

Instill Discipline and Motivation in Drivers

Saving time in a fleet company will be possible if the drivers are disciplined and self-motivated. Once they start the operations in the morning, there are many things they can do to save or lose time. For instance, taking only a little bit of time in a parking lot after making a delivery will ensure that the next delivery is not late.

Unfortunately, some drivers take advantage of loopholes in the fleet management system to waste time. They can waste time by driving slowly, sleeping in a parking lot or failing to communicate when there is a problem. But when they are motivated and disciplined, you will rarely face these challenges.


Apart from what we have discussed above, managers should also ensure that all vehicles are serviced thoroughly. This will prevent vehicles from breaking down during operations, which can really waste a lot of time. As mentioned, innovative managers can avoid challenges because they can always develop other strategies for saving time in a fleet.

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