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The Difference Between Quality & Low-Quality Weigh-In-Motion Systems

Weigh-in-motion systems are designed to weigh the vehicle while it’s moving. The vehicle doesn’t require to stop for weighing, the measurement is taken instantly and accurately, and data are recorded while the vehicle continues to drive.

It has become a first-choice weighing solution for various industries like transport, agriculture, waste, forestry, demolition and excavation, construction, port operations, and mining. As it offers a significant advantage over the traditional weighing method, no wonder it’s getting popular.

If your business requiresa weighing system for any reason, you should know these differences between quality & low-quality weigh-in-motion scale to make a smart investment.


The main reason to install a weigh-in-motion system is to increase productivity. As vehicles don’t need to stop for weighing, it can keep driving, and thesystem weighs the vehicle in nanoseconds, this makes the weighing process much more efficient.

Say goodbye to unnecessary delays, and wasting time by stopping and starting vehicles each day.

It is mostly used in congested sites like freight terminal, speed and efficiencies are a crucial part to prevent queues and delays. And if you compromise here by installing a low-quality system, imagine the problem it might create in operation.

The low-quality system doesn’t guarantee you the quality output; instead of increasing productivity, it might create more delays in works. There are high chances of the system getting damaged very soon, not working smoothly and many more.

Identification of overload

Overloading a vehicle can cause a severe issue and it can be costly on different levels. The vehicle can incur premature wear and tear; fuels cost will increase; operators may receive financial penalties, can damage the road and even risk the life of driver along with others people.

Investing in a quality weighing in motion weighbridge is the best protection against infringements, it instantly identifies the overloaded or underload axles before they go on to public roads. Unlike low-quality system, you don’t have to worry about the inaccurate result. You can always have your vehicle with an optimum load.

Comprehensive Reporting With Full Integration

Another difference in investing high-quality weigh-in-motion weighbridges, it can be integrated with other peripheral equipment likeCCTV cameras, control barriers, traffic lights, traffic management signs and so on to improve safety.  All the data are also automatically recorded and can be viewed on a computer using the internet.

You won’t get such full integration with the low-quality system and the decision is up to you. Moreover, you can use those data to analyze the productivity and vehicle statistics too.


With no doubt, weigh-in-motion is the cost effective option for weighing, it increases productivity, helps to control over and under load, and installation costs is also very minimal. In addition, it’s also affordable to maintain and requires very low power. Ultimately it saves a considerable expense, but it all depends on the quality of the system.

High-quality system is built with high-quality material which ensures durability and also has a more accurate result. It has become an essential asset for different sites across a diversity of industries.

After reading this article, if you feel a weigh-in-motion weighbridge isthe right option for your business, contact Trakblaze, weighing manufacturer in Australia. With 88 years of experience in the weighing system,We look forward to talking with you and guide you with best weighbridge option for your business!

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