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Things To Consider When You Hire A Van From A Rental Company

Hiring a van often turns out to be the most suitable option, when you move a house or travel for professional purposes. A large number of companies offer these vehicles on rent. With so many choices available, it often becomes difficult to make the right decision. Here, you will come across a complete guide, that will help you to get the vehicle tailored for your needs.

Check out these aspects, before you hire a van from the company.

Driving license and code

In order to hire a van, you will need a valid driving license. Besides, the weight of the van should be lesser than 3.5 tonnes. When you reach out to one of the reputed van rental companies, you will find all the vehicles that fulfil this criterion. The process is simple and no other special qualifications are required. All these vans are manually transmitted. Therefore, you will need a full license, and not the ones that are limited to automatic vehicles.

It is necessary to furnish driving endorsements, when you hire these vehicles. The companies check out whether or not you have any speeding offence. In order to provide the necessary documents, you may get a print out of the license summary from the government website. Alternatively, you have to generate a unique code and this enables the rental company to view the summary of your driving online. For more information on these requirements, have a consultation with the company and clarify your queries.

Consider your age

The minimum age for hiring the vans from the rental companies is 23 years. However, people aged under 25 may have to pay a surcharge for being a young driver. For certain vehicles like Volkswagen, the minimum age has to be 25.

When you hire the vehicle, you should also consider the excess and insurance. As a part of the hire package, all the vans come with an insurance coverage. However, certain companies offer this coverage as an add-on. Make sure to get the insurance, so that you need not bear the financial liabilities in case of an accident. You may also get additional protection for an excess fee. Stay free from all worries, when you get the insurance at the time of hiring the vehicle.


Most of the vans are diesel-fuelled. Some of the smaller models, like Ford Fiesta, are powered by petrol. Each company has got its own set of clauses, when it comes to the usage of fuel. In most of the cases, you are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank, if you had hired it in the same condition. At times, the company may want you to pay the service charge for refueling. You will find all these specifications during the agreement.

Size of the vans

One of the important aspects to consider when you hire the vans is its size. Depending on your requirements, you should hire the vehicles. In general, the basic capacity of the vans to carry load is around 700 kg. However, you may get a larger van, as compared to the standard hatchbacks, if you have more load to carry. Particularly, if you carry furniture or other items that are heavy, you will need more space. Some of these vans can carry loads up to 1,100 Kg. However, it can be challenging if you want to accommodate large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines in it. In these cases, you should hire a van that comes with a tail lift. This mechanism involves a fold-out platform, that can be lowered to the ground, and then it can be raised back to the load floor. This makes it easier to load and unload the heavy items on the van.


When you hire a van, have a look at the range of features in the vehicle. Most of these vans are simple to navigate. Besides, you will find them economical, when you reach out to the right rental company. Common features in the vehicles include stability control mechanisms, ABS brakes, stereo systems and steering-wheel airbags. Convey any other specification, if you have, to the company when you rent the vans. With the right company around, you can enjoy the right mix of comfort and safety.


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