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  Tyre dimension will matter when you choose a winter tyre  

Purchasing new tyres is not always as easy as you might think. You have a lot of factors to consider when you buy new tyres to your vehicle. If we start with the tyre dimensions, you have can find the recommended ones in the car’s owner’s manual. You can also find the alphanumeric code on the sidewall of your current tyres. So that you know what size that you need to buy. You can also search online for new tyres to find what alternatives are available.

For a normal passenger car, you will probably have a tyre size with the following dimension, 205/55/R16 summer tyres that you will change to 205/55/R16 winter tyres during the winter season unless you use 205/55/R16 all-weather tyres. If you have an electric vehicle you will need to confirm that these tyres are recommended for use on electric cars. The first number will indicate the width of the tyre and the higher the number the wider the tyre.

If you have a bigger car or a sports car you might need wider tyres or sporty ones that have a lower height to width ratio, like 225/50R17 tyres. These will look sportier as you very little visible rubber above the rims and the rims are larger. If you want to buy a different dimension of tyre than is recommended it is always important that you check if it is possible to use that. You also would then need to change the rim size to ensure that the circumference is the same, so that the speedometer and odometer will still show the correct reading. The second number indicates the height ratio, so a low number means low height and a sportier look and a high will look more like normal car tyres. The letter R indicates that it is a radial tyre and not a bias tyres, while the last number shows you the dimension of the rim in inches, while the width is in centimeters and the height is the ratio of the width also in centimeters.

If you have an SUV or a van, you will need even bigger sized tyres, they will be wider to disperse the load to a larger area. The width tends to go from 205 for normal cars to 275 for the larger SUVs. A 275/65/R18 summer tyres would be suitable summer tyres for pick-up trucks and some SUVs. It would be completely wrong to buy this for a normal passenger car in the same way that you wouldn’t get 205/55/R16 summer tyres for a light truck or an SUV. So, make sure that you know what dimension you will need and then make sure that you know for what season that you need them for. Make sure to also check in case if you have an electric vehicle or hybrid, to ensure that the tyres you purchase is recommended for being used on them. Then you always need to use the right tyres for the season and never drive in winter conditions without tyres that are approved for winter use and have the Alpine symbol on the sidewall of the tyres.

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