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Useful Motorcycle tire changing hacks

If you have a motorcycle and love to go out on it or work, and you have to go to the office daily on your motorcycle, you must know how to repair your motorcycle, especially its tire. If you wish to save your cash and time, you should know how to change a motorcycle tire. Sometimes, you are at that place where finding a mechanic is impossible; at that time, your tire-changing skill could be a game-changer for you. Every bike rider needs to know how to change a motorcycle tire, so learn this skill to be your motorcycle mechanic. Here are some important steps to change the tire of your motorcycle you should know about. Before that, you should know about the needed tools for tire changing.

  • Motorcycle tire levers.
  • Rim protector.
  • Silicone lubricant.
  • Bead breaker.
  • Valve core tool.
  • Tire air compressor.

Steps of changing a motorcycle tire

Here are some easy and important steps for changing a motorcycle tire. First, you should have all the required materials for changing your motorcycle tire; this will make the entire process very easy for you.

Step 1.  It would be best if you had all the needed tools to make this process easy for you. It would help if you had all the tools described above.

Step 2. Lay down your bike on the ground and take out the wheel from it.

Step 3.  With the aid of a valve core tool, open the valve to let the air out of the tire, hold the valve tightly because of air pressure.

Step 4.  Use a Tire Wrench or Zip ties; lift the tire out of the rim. Do it carefully; otherwise, you may harm your motorcycle tire. Pay attention to the direction before spinning the tire.

Step 5. From the inner side of the tire, remove the bead from the rim with the bead breaker’s help.

Step 6. If it’s hard to get out the tire from the rim, just put the silicone spray on the tire bead to make it simple.

Step 7.  You should use two tire levers for popping the tire up from the rim. The tire lever is metal tabs, and it helps you pull the tire out of the rim.

Step 8. To remove the rim, break the bead and pull out the tire on the other side too. This will get the motorcycle’s wheel completely out from the rim.

Reset the tire in the motorcycle-

After successfully getting the tire out of the motorcycle, you should know about resetting the tire in the same place. Learn to reinstall the tire in some quick and easy steps.

  • Put some silicone lubricant inside the walls of the new tire.
  • Place and spin the new tire in the right direction. You should pay attention to the red dot marked near the valve to set the direction on the tire.
  • Use the tire iron to set the tire over the rim. Ensure that the tire wall should be in the middle of the tire iron and the rim to set the tire properly do the same for both sides.
  • With the help of an air compressor, pump an ideal air level into the tire after the tire is set.

Conclusion- Sometimes, it is hard to find a mechanic quickly for your vehicle. These easy steps can make you the master of tire-changing techniques. This skill will always help you anytime, anywhere.

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