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What Are The Add-on Luggage Options for Motorcycles?

There’s no doubt road tripping on two wheels is the most adventurous and practical fun way to get about. Motorcycles give the chance to feel your atmosphere more closely while riding a bike you become a part of the scenery you are traversing through. Also, when on a bike you become more social with the locals and may find some hidden landscape when going on the off-road. Besides the myriad benefits of traveling on a motorcycle, there are some shortcomings too like you become helpless when you want to take some extra stuff with you.

Although some scooters come with very generous under-seat storage, sometimes even that isn’t enough for your luggage. To help you with this practical problem, there is a whole range of solutions, whether you’re looking to go on tour or just a trip to the shops, in this blog we are going to look at some of the motorcycle luggage options available for your motorcycle or scooter.

Motorcycle saddlebags:

When talking about the add-on luggage options, motorcycle saddlebags are the first storage facility that comes to our mind. There are two options in saddlebags i.e. hard saddlebags and soft saddlebags. You can choose the one according to your traveling demands. Because of the classic look and enduring design saddlebags are more popular with cross country tourists and other road trippers.


Soft saddlebags are usually found in genuine leather and modern weather-resistant and maintenance-free materials such as synthetic leather and Cardura nylon. You mount these bags near rear wheels in such a way they are low to the center of gravity and will not affect the handling of the bike unless disproportionately weighted. Additionally, most of the saddlebags are super easy to remove but some are fixed with your bike.

Motorcycle backpack:

A motorcycle backpack is the simplest and the cheapest option to bring some stuff with you on your commute. It is the perfect solution for bringing a few essentials on the road. Very handy for trips to the gym, the shops, or even when you need a change of clothes for work, etc. You can use them on your road trips to keep some stuff but due to limited storage capacity, it will not help a lot. These backpacks are also water-resistant most of the time to keep your things dry in the event of rain.

Motorcycle tank bags:

To add some additional storage to your ride, a tank bag is a great place to start. These bags are very popular with sportbike riders and a great option for road trips to hold your passport and other documents besides frequently used items. Although tank bags lack the same capacity as tail bags and other cases, they do offer enough room for some vital items. Many tank bags are expandable to increase capacity or adjusted smaller to lower the profile. This motorcycle luggage is attached with adjustable hook and loop straps or magnetically to the top of the gas tank.

Motorcycle tail bag:

Tail bags are found in a wide price range in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Their storage capacity usually lies in between a backpack and fixed luggage. They are relatively cheaper luggage options for your cruisers. Moreover, tail bags are usually water-resistant and they can shield your clothes and other stuff from getting wet when riding in the rain.

Motorcycle sissy bar bags:

Every motorcycle road tripper knows that good motorcycle luggage can make a world of difference. When your things are safe and secure, you will enjoy peace of mind as you head down the road. Adding a sissy bar bag is an easy way to enhance the storage capacity of your ride. While your saddlebags have a great place, adding motorcycle sissy bar luggage to your bike can give you, even more, safe, and reliable space. Also, unlike saddlebags, sissy bar luggage allows free movement while riding. And this luggage option is easy to remove and can be used as a suitcase.

Motorcycle Trunk:

When you hit the open road, whether it’s down the street, across the country, or an intercontinental road trip, you expect your luggage compartments to withstand the punishment of the day’s travel. Although it’s best to choose a storage solution that’s comfortably positioned on your motorcycle and out of the way, sometimes you want to select the larger bag that holds more goods. If you already have a pair of saddlebags and need a bit of extra room, you will find great usefulness in motorcycle trunks.

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