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What Questions to Ask the Potential Auto Movers?

There are so many car-shipping companies that it is hard to find the right one. Besides, the majority of them offer the same general services. First, find out if the company is a carrier or a broker. Carrier means actual party involved in shipping the car. All the carriers have enough insurance coverage for the cargo they carry. Every commercial carrier is registered with the Department of transportation.

Carrier vs. broker

A transport broker is a middle man, who makes arrangements for proper carrier based in the transport job details. It includes vehicle type to be shipped, location of pickup or delivery, special transport needs, or transport route. Brokers are capable of arranging the right transport faster than normal people, as they have been in the industry and know many carriers.

Brokers don’t carry insurance as they don’t own the carriers. They earn commission in deposit form, which is generally pre-paid before your car gets picked up. It gets included in the total billing. You get the deposit back when the car gets delivered. The carrier transport charges = total cost – deposit

Therefore, when you search for an auto transport company, find out whom you are talking to – carrier or broker. General services offered are the same, but the difference will be visible in customer service. The car transport rate is also a determining factor of the kind of service customers receive.

Questions to ask the potential auto shipping company

What does the auto shipping cost?

If the price quoted does not align with your budget, you can look somewhere else, so ask it first. You will get estimates that are calculated based on the vehicle model, make, year, and shipping distance. However, you need a more precise quote after your vehicle gets inspected. Get quotes from 3 to 5 auto transport firms to get an idea of the necessary service cost.

What does the auto shipping company expect from their customer?

For a great shipping experience, you must be familiar with what the company expects from you. It can include prepping the car for the move, sharing contact details for emergency, and documents of your vehicle needed during the transit. Even inform your car insurance company about the transportation schedule.

What happens if an accident occurs?

Every auto shipping company is expected to have valid insurance and a license to transport cars. Ask them what kind of coverage they carry – primary or secondary. In case of situations ask if they expect you to pay deductibles. Every auto mover handle accident differently. Therefore, it is necessary to know how they will handle in case something damaging happens. Get familiar with the standard rules of the company of handling customer car damages and accidents.

Will they deliver the car at your doorstep?

Some auto movers deliver customer vehicles at their local workshop, while a few unloads your car at your doorstep. It can make a huge difference in the total service cost. Picking your car at the local workshop is less expensive, but find out if there are storage or warehouse charges.

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