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Which Lubricants Are Necessary for Your Car?

A car has many interconnected and moving parts which require lubrication to run smoothly. A great source of car lubricants is Car Smart.

You will definitely feel it when you drive a car that is not well lubricated. When the friction becomes too much, your car will simply break down from excess wear and tear.

The following is a list of lubricants that every car needs:

Motor Oil

Motor or engine oil is one of the most important lubricants for your vehicle. It lubricates and protects the various moving parts of your engine.

Maintain your car’s motor oil is crucial for it to run properly. You should change whenever it becomes dirty or when you hit a certain mileage point.

Keeping optimal levels of engine oil improves your performance by ensuring the engine parts remain pristine. Without it, various engine parts would deteriorate and stop functioning.

You should be very wary of the motor oil you use as they are not created equal. Ask your mechanic for the best choice for your specific car.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission is a part of the engine that requires its own form of lubrication. Transmission fluid is essential due to the many moving parts inside a car’s transmission including gear cogs and valves.

The transmission generates a lot of heat as a result of the friction generated by its constituent parts. In this way, the transmission fluid functions as a coolant and directs the heat to the radiator where it is expelled to the outside of the car.

The fluid is also a lubricant for the various transmission parts. Without it, they would break down and you would be unable to go anywhere.

Brake Fluid

As with other lubricants on this list, the brake fluid serves the purpose of reducing the amount of friction between various moving parts. The brake has several parts including the brake pads and rotors.

Braking is very crucial for your safety when driving your car. Without brake fluid, your car will have problems coming to a halt or entirely refuse to stop which can have deadly consequences.

The brake fluid needs to be changed often but far less often than the engine oil. You should consult your mechanic or owner’s manual to find out how often you need to replace your brake fluid.


The above lubricants are for use on specific parts that is engine, transmission and brakes. However, a car has many parts, many of which also require lubrication.

Some of these parts cannot be lubricated with oils and fluids so grease is the option that you will rely on the most. Every car owner should have a bottle of grease in their car to be called upon whenever it is needed.

Grease will work as an excellent lubricant and will prevent many car parts prom premature wear and tear. Though they may seem obscure, such car parts are integral to the functioning of the car and may even lead to car malfunctions.

There are other car lubricants that are usually used sparingly including steering fluid and antifreeze but the four above are the necessary ones.

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