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Why Start-Stop Technology: Must Have Feature for the Modern Day Cars

Have you observed the modern day cars that shut off their engines at the traffic signals? If yes, then that’s a feature that is becoming more and more popular these days, and many even demand to make it as a standard technology in their vehicles.  If you wonder why, then the answer can be given in a straightforward phrase: “need of the hour”, when the entire world is facing a threatening environmental crisis, where we are at the last lap of using up all the natural resources.

The team of mechanics of the Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership explained, that from the automotive engineering point of view, this start/stop technology is rapidly in the process of being a must-have feature on the cars, firstly because of its fuel saving capability and then for its reliability.

How Reliable

As a vehicle that is equipped withstart-stop technology goes more cycles of the on/off process, than the vehicles that run without it, making you think about faster wearing off, of few parts, in reality, nothing happens like that.

Even if your vehicle undergoesfifty start-stop cycles every time it drives, the cycles still don’t cross beyond 20,000 on/off in a year. This is because “Wear and tear” takes place only when the engine has to start everytime all over from a cold state, and when there is no start-stop functionality enabled.

On the contrary the engine wear happens not because of starting up several times but for the lack of oil present on the internal parts, and because of the cold parts that didn’t warmup before the ignition process took place.

As neither of these incidents can take place when your vehicle is having a start-stop system, your engine in saved from huge fuel consumption or from the events of cold metal-on-metal contact while starting up every time.

As a result, the lifespan of engine and fuel is maintained for a longer time, making the vehicle more reliable on the roads.

Battery Usage

The same formula works for the batteries as well, when your vehicle is equipped by start-stop technology. Because of this system, the batteries are charged up in multiple cycles. It doesn’t get the chance to get drained of or sit idle for too long which is actually the perfect recipe to kill the batteries. hence, with this system on board, your car battery lead is saved for longer to survive, since its charging is automatically taking place with the help of the start/stop technology.

Saving Up More Fuel

If you are still wondering how the start-stop system will actually save your money, then here’s what the auto experts of the Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership explained to us.

They said, modern engines that are equipped with the start/stop technology are saved from using excess fuel at the time of idling, except the amount which is necessary to keep up the momentum of the spinning parts that keep moving to drive the accessories. That way the EPA counts that the modern vehicles with this technology are saving 3 to 20% of fuel in a drive.

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